Monday, July 25, 2011

The Bund

During the day, I've got to say uninspiring, but I hear 7am is when you see little old ladies coming out to practise taichi. But the real attraction of the Bund is when darkness ensues; the neon lights from across the river and passing boats light up the sky. It's a sight that could not be replicated anywhere else, and just over 10 years ago was made up of farms and rice fields. Major banks line the streets overlooking the promenade and river while thousands of people mill around taking in the views. Only a small drinks vendor and photograph station are permitted on the kilometres of platform, while police keep the peace, preventing people from standing on seats or skylarking of any kind.

Where's Wally?

Down in front!

Sitting on the steps, you can waste a day observing your surroundings. Guys lift their shirts exposing rotund bellies seeking some refuge from the humidity, while portable outdoor airconditioners add about as much benefit as dropping an iceblock into a volcano. A newly married couple take wedding photos whilst essentially playing chicken with maurading buses, as the photographer barks instructions. A model poses amongst a non-plussed crowd while a whipped man cleans up damp steps with a tissue for his harem of ladies to sit so as not to ruin some pristine white pants.

Speaking to some locals, its not a place visited frequently and is more for tourists - although there seemed to be an inordinate amount of black hair amongst the crowd. When getting to/from the area, it felt like 5 football matches had just completed with an endless stream of people walked in both directions, occupying a car lane on each side.

The only time pedestrians have right of way - but it doesn't stop the honking...

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At Thursday, July 28, 2011 7:50:00 pm, Blogger Zz... said...

eek i'll take living in a backwater anyday...but enjoy the europeans for me :)


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