Saturday, August 13, 2011

Random Shanghai Thoughts

Some observations from walking out and about in town in Shanghai:
  • The fashion of 'collars up' is alive and well in Shanghai. It's something that I thought was reserved for 'tools', but it seems the norm here, complete with fashion logos displayed underneath the polo collar which would otherwise be hidden without it 'popped' up.
  • His and hers t-shirts which is obviously a display of deep affection between a couple are worn with pride - Something I don't think would take off in my hometown. Imagine a guy wearing a lime cuddly little bear t-shirt matching his girlfriend's. I suspect in Australia, that guy wouldn't last too long before the heckling provided some not-so-subtle fashion advice.
  • I finally experienced the enormous crush of the subway, where the train stopped shortly after cramming a few people in telling everyone to exit due to a fault. The peak hour train then proceeded to try and enter the next train which was already full to capacity. Needless to say, it was one of the most uncomfortable experiences I had with enough male buttocks and underarms to last a lifetime. Thank goodness it was the IT district where skinny nerds were more prevalent than overweight corporate fatsos - Ok I'm exaggerating the stereotype here...
  • Thinking you're at home - On a busy train on the way home from work, a guy, standing in full view of everyone, had his hand half way up is nose, trying to excavate something or reach into his brain. Without a worry in the world, he carefully inspected what had come out, whilst going on to repeat the effort on the other nostril. This went on for at least 5 minutes, fascinating me in the meantime. Perhaps this does nothing to disprove the IT nerdy stereotype with no social skills?
  • The great divide - I'll expand on this in a later post, but the extremities between those that can and cannot afford things is without doubt something that a number of countries I've visited face. Seeing people work day in and out to make a living from a few yuan, or sleeping in 24 atms to get away from the heat, while another luxurious hotel or designer label pops up down the road.


At Sunday, August 14, 2011 5:16:00 pm, Blogger Zz... said...

Ha it doesn't sound like an INTJ paradise- today I encountered two WAY TOO CLOSE TALKERS - they had absolutely no idea why I had a grimace on my face...YIKES! Considering I may have to see them again I was debating when and where would be an appropriate time to say like if i can feel your microspit when you talk then you are STANDING WITH YOUR HEAD WAY TOO CLOSE TO ME....GET BACK GET BACK OR I WILL HAVE TO SHOOT YOU. lol

At Friday, August 19, 2011 1:22:00 am, Blogger Jonno said...

Yep, be prepared for underarm pits and people bumping and shoving you out of the way. Lines are a suggestion - which mean a free-for-all! Ahh, I think you may have a tough time in the subway here z... How did the followup meet go? Break it to 'em gently? lol

At Wednesday, November 16, 2011 5:08:00 pm, Blogger yossarian said...

so the guy i saw on the train one day cutting his nails also be likely to work in IT?

love the collar popping and the matching shirts though!! since they're in pairs, wonder if that means you could get a shirt with some sort of comeback for "i'm with stupid"?


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