Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's in the Bag?

There's always some excitement receiving a package, despite the purchase and online tracking through the carrier's website. I'm not sure what 20 somethings did 10-15 years ago when they had a spare few dollars and felt a need to do a little retail therapy at 10.30 on a Sunday night. There's an endless supply of niche sites out there peddling their wares ready to accept many forms of payment to satisfy any slight weakness.

On a recent trip overseas I was surprised to find 'regular' sized neck business shirts without the 'monkey armed' sleeves to accompany them. Unfortunately it looks like their online shop has closed so I'll have to make do with the supply I have and convey the apparent tough guy image by rolling up the sleeves on the others I own.

Another shopfront caught my eye, individually placing t-shirts in clear plastic hangers with witty references. That's all well and good for those who appreciate irony and cleaver wording like this. However it would look strange should I walk down the street with a mate with the same shirt. Having this in mind, and with a slight binge on some favourite tv shows, I opted for more mainstream pop culture references for my purchases, sitting comfortably in my PJs.

For most people over 40 these probably won't make an iota of sense so I'll try and explain where they came from. The only defense I have is that I did have to do some work that morning from 2am-4am (Sunday) so I was a little delusional at 10:30 at night.

I choo choo choose you
A Simpsons reference to that lovable character Ralph Wiggum and the Valentine's day card craftily written. Before they sold out and wrote episodes around guest voices and characters.

We built this city
Maybe that mid life crisis is coming 10 years too early. Ah those early years of Lego

Never forget
Who doesn't like dinosaurs?

Bears are dangerous
If you need to read a sign like that I think you have bigger problems.

This was unnecessary, but a reference to Entourage and a much maligned assistant with classic one liners.

Suits Suck
Straight out of Entourage where a film director makes a not so subtle comment on 'suits' or non-creative people such as agents and managers.

Happy Festivus
Celebrate a made-up holiday around the aluminum pole with the gang from Seinfeld.

Anyway shortly after my purchase I noticed this, which I feel compelled to get due to being such a fan of Seinfeld. Don't succumb to weakness, but enjoy looking at the sites below for some different t-shirt designs. Any other suggestions of sites are most welcome. (My credit card is ready and waiting)