Monday, June 25, 2007


Not sure why there's been such a lull in posts as it certainly hasn't been an action packed 2 months...Yes I piked on the "Run to the G". At least I didn't pay the registration fee like a guy at work. The guilt was lessened by the fact that I've still been able to get out twice a week in the blistering cold for runs. One minute your sweating like a pig and next your making your way back to work in near freezing conditions being pelted by rain.

There was an article posted in the Good Weekend a few weeks back, which I couldn't resist commenting about. Ironically, I tend to have many 'mandates' but my criteria outlined would be slightly different to the article. Walks along the beach?? I'd like to clarify a few points on some of the observations I have.
  • Brunch is ok. It saves cooking 2 meals and who can turn down an all day breakfast?
  • Cafes seem to be less attention seeking than restaurants and more conducive to shorts and tees!
  • Food establishments with table cloths are to be avoided unless its yum cha. Candles can make an appearance otherwise.
  • Unlike the picture, if there are just 2 attendees, sitting on the same side of a table usually implies a need to be within 'arms around' distance and no 'buffer zone'. Plus it gives little room to maneuver a plate of food.
  • Avoid ordering the same meal.
  • I fully concur with the notion of 'no notice' cancellation if one party has a better female invite.
  • There hasn't been a time where a hug has been on display, generally its a firm, three pump handshake if a greeting or farewell is required.
Brian Nankervis hosted a music quiz fundraiser for a local highschool recently, and I was quite amazed at some of the knowledge of fellow contestants. I was the youngest on the table by a good 12-15 years and it made me wonder how much current music trivia I'd be able to retain 20 odd years from now. Obscure references such as a famous Beatles numberplate or when the Rolling Stones played at Kooyong and naming the first song they played was just cruel. It probably helped that some people on the table were actually at the gig, while I was still a good decade away from being born.

Needless to say it was an entertaining night, and while we were lucky enough to win, I had to endure 150 people watching me attempt for a few extra points trying to make it under a limbo bar. I managed a respectable 3rd and survive the initial embarrassment of being on stage. Apparently I was the only one not give a little dance before my attempts. What can I say, I was in it to win not entertain...