Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It Sure is Breezy in Here

If you're going to change lanes, turn into a street, essentially anything to maneuver your car other than in a straight line, please use your indicator! Look at this, I'm getting old and crusty and I haven't even hit 30... Young whippersnappers these days...

Last week I attended a 10 year high school reunion. Strangely enough, most of the idiots had thankfully grown up, while some had established egos not previously present. This, I must stress was in the minority. As it was quite aptly put, success shouldn't judged by how many zeros are at the end of your pay or whatever fancy title you've made up, as long as your happy what you're doing who cares? We figured anyone who boasted pay or job titles ought not to be seen for another 10 years anyway. While some conversations didn't progress further than the standard work and travel questions, old memories and good blokes made for an enjoyable night. Its a shame I'd lost contact with a lot of these people, and I must say its one of the benefits of Facebook.

Meanwhile the gig total is at 20 at 10 unique venues. Hopefully I can squeeze in 4 more to reach the goal of 24 for the year. One artist has dominated the shows this year, so I can't imagine being able to get close to this mark ever again. (Unless I decide to become a groupie and follow her around touring other countries). Liam Finn supported Sarah Blasko, and I came away extremely impressed by his one man band performance. The use of the loop pedal mimicking some audience "Woo Hoo'ing" and solo drumming certainly got the adrenalin going for the main show. Just a tiny amount of talent in that family... Regurgitator didn't fail to impress once again, although I'm hanging for the show to be posted online for purchase. Disappointing, it won't capture the stage invaders or crowd surfing from the night.

Do you tell people about the food stuck between their teeth or toilet paper on their shoe? Recently, I didn't realise until 11am that I had my fly undone. Great. I had to recount my foot steps and remember all the people that laughed for no apparent reason while I was at their desk. The question is, do you tell people about the sort of things? or save both parties the slightly awkward moment? I'll tell people, but at times it's just too difficult to let someone know there's something hanging from their nose.