Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Who Needs a Nappy?

The topic of toilet etiquette was brought up recently when obviously there was nothing else to discuss. For me, I don't feel it's a place where any speaking should take place. Should talking be kept to a minimum? Please note that I can only speak for the gents, however when you're in the close vicinity of another man's bits, I just want to complete the task required, wash and dry my hands and get out. I see most people outside of the gents, so I don't feel it's necessary to discuss weekend plans or the status of my project! Of course in the office I get light hearted grief for snubbing people, but I think most understand the haste given the state of the washroom.

The following has happened recently:
  • Someone had begun his business at a urinal when the phone rang. He proceeded to answer, continue a conversation and walk out without washing up.
  • A fellow employee mistakingly thought it was a flight to the US, bringing in a thick novel to accompany him. Seriously. Take some fiber capsules.
  • Countless number of people making the clickity clack sound of text messages.
  • People reaching high scores playing games on their mobiles.
  • Leaving piss and shit! on the seat.... Come on who hasn't been potty trained?
  • We have water restrictions, but please flush...
Meanwhile, it's cleaned twice daily... (honestly I believe primary school kids would be cleaner...)

The worst sound is being the only person in the toilet, hearing someone enter, flush and exit. I'm not a hygiene freak, however a splash of water over the hands wouldn't go astray. We thought of having a "name and shame" list just for the fun of it...

On a lighter note, I found the site which has full songs from live gigs to preview and CD compilations to purchase -with the artists' consent. I've purchased one live CD of Something For Kate @ the Corner, which was signed by the band. While it doesn't beat seeing them live, it helps fill the void should the cash be unavailable or the calendar booked.