Friday, December 26, 2008

Just Another Album

Wandering the isles of your local music store it's hard to fathom the amount of work involved to create the CDs and the time spent mulling over chords or recordings by the respective artists. It's fascinating to know how ideas for songs come about, or the particular riff that's used. I stumbled across a special on Triple J which covers 4 Australian albums, interviewing the bands, providing a really interesting look into how they were made.

Even if you're not a fan or familiar with the work of the artists, the process, issues and general thoughts in retrospect are intriguing. The interview with the 'Gurg is particularly good -hearing where their second album "Unit" was recorded, the origin of "Black Bugs" and the humour of winning an Aria for best artwork for a yellow dot- and certainly adds to the appreciation for the record.

The 4 half hour Mp3s cover the albums: Regurgitator - Unit, Hoodoo Gurus – Stoneage Romeos, Sarah Blasko - The Overture and the Underscore and The Living End - The Living End. You can right click and download them for later listening.

Next time I pick up an album I'll appreciate the months of effort, sweat and tears that went into making every drum beat and lyric to sound as the artist/producer wants.